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Great way to earn internationally accredited online degrees, Prepare for an altogether different online experience

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Brookdell University offers flexible and student-focused learning,
cares about its students and makes their online journey easier.

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Grab your chance to become employers' preferred choice, our graduates work at top companies globally.

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We ensure constant support throughout the academic year, Life at Brookdell is hassle-free from day one till you graduate.

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Brookdell University

Brookdell University is one of the most respected and accepted online universities in the world.

Here you can study while continuing your professional life with comprehensive online study materials, superior academic support and exceptional learning.

Bringing quality education to the digital age

At Brookdell University, quality online education meets technology and creates a perfect learning platform for your future.

Find a Scholarship

Scholarship program at Brookdell University enables students to study with financial freedom and accomplish their academic dream.
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Find a School

Brookdell University delivers quality education through 16 professional schools designed to help students develop as expert professionals.
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Create your future plan here at Brookdell University

Brookdell University not only educate with the best online programs at international level online schools, it also designs a complete future course of action, assisting you to enter you professional life with complete confidence.
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Brookdell University offers programs at affordable fee

Brookdell University offers high quality and accredited online learning programs for its international students and working professionals, may they be in any part of the world, at extremely affordable fee packages.Read more

Get support through Brookdell’s financial aid options

Brookdell University supports its students with a number of scholarship programs and fee reduction methods, with an aim to help them continue their online education without any financial issues.Read more

Brookdell University Global Alumni Network

Connect with your fellow graduates through Brookdell University Global Alumni Association and acquire huge benefits from their academic and professional experiences. Read more

Find a Course

Find a course that suits you the best

Areas of Study

Online education at Brookdell University is fully accredited and internationally recognized. We provide students with industry responsive skills and knowledge to ensure the develop competence and capability required to stay competitive in the job market.

Life At Brookdell


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