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About Brookdell

Brookdell University is a leading online education provider, committed to deliver higher education to students worldwide. Brookdell offers affordable education with unlimited access to online learning resources. Online degree, diploma and certificate programs are offered in 16 specialized schools, to help students develop as experts in their fields.

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Programs & Support

Brookdell’s academic programs are fully accredited and recognized. The university strives to expand access to high quality education and helps students acquire academic qualification in over 150 countries and across 6 continents. We ensure our online classrooms are diverse and students are better able to gain a global perspective.

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Faculty & Network

Brookdell University offers a unique learning experience with constant support from faculty and student counselors ensuring students get quality education. Currently, 37,000 alumni and 16,000 students worldwide are part of the university. Brookdell has a global network of students, alumni, faculty, staff, student counselors and partners working as a community.

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Core values

We assure you...
  • Every individual international student at Brookdell is special
  • Our academic programs are 100% online and accredited
  • Brookdell University is home to learned and experienced faculty
  • Faculty members at Brookdell have plans for every student
- Brookdell University is highly committed to the concept of online education for all as a source
to help students grow intellectually, socially and professionally.