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Credit Transfer

Brookdell University offers an excellent opportunity of credit transfer for international online students who have earned credits for their previously completed academic courses at regionally or internationally accredited universities. Students can qualify for a credit transfer service at Brookdell University if they have successfully completed their full-time or part-time education in an accredited university.

Academic success of our students is important for us. This is the reason why through credit transfer service at the university, students find is it easy to continue their education. In this service, our admission department evaluates the academic credentials of a student to ensure they reduce the online program completion time, saving tuition fee for the previously completed academic courses. At Brookdell University, we tend to facilitate students in the best possible manner to transfer their earned credits successfully from an accredited university. Generally, Brookdell University offers credit transfer to students if they meet the following conditions, however, final decision will be taken after studying students’ documents.

  • If a student has studied at an accredited and recognized institution
  • The university will accept course credits that students have studied
  • Previously earned credits are similar to courses offered at Brookdell University
  • Online students will get exemption if they have received C+ or above grade

Credit Transfer Application

To apply for Brookdell University credit transfer service, students are required to lodge a complete and formal online request along with all required documents at the time of applying for an online program at Brookdell University.



Credit transfer service is already highly popular amongst international online students who are willing to continue their online higher education at Brookdell University.

Prospective students’ previous education at an academic institution outside the United States can help hundreds of thousands of students get into Brookdell University and may allow them to finish their higher education degrees faster with a credible name. We recommend students to be sure about the credibility of their previously earned credits in their regions. Brookdell University welcomes international online students only from leading and accreted academic institutions operating in the following regional institutions.

  • Asian academic institutions
  • European academic institutions
  • Middle East academic institutions
  • African academic institutions

To get the complete list of Brookdell University’s approved institutions in the aforementioned regions, send us an email at


Brookdell University accepts credits of students if they have studied previously from an accredited academic institution. To get the complete list of Brookdell University’s approved institutions in the U.S., send us an email at


Once you decide to continue your higher education at Brookdell University, you will have to apply for the credit transfer service.

  • 01Fill out the online application form on our website and provide your basic personal and academic details.
  • 02Choose from our academic degree, diploma and certificate programs. Pick your online school to study with us.
  • 03Once you complete your online application, you will be notified through an email that your credentials have been received.
  • 04Once the payment process is successfully complete, your admission at Brookdell University will be confirmed.

Use the above mentioned provided information about Brookdell University admission procedure carefully for your successful enrollment at the university. Confused? Call us on 1-866-431-1637 or email