Making Higher Education Affordable
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The Right Financial Support for Your Education

Brookdell University is committed to deliver quality online education, producing intellectually talented online students worldwide. At Brookdell, we have made online education flexible, convenient and accessible for everyone, eliminating financial and geographical constraints.

International online students prefer Brookdell University due to its affordable fee structure as compared to other online universities. With the help of a student-centered approach, we have managed to bridge almost all financial gaps between a student and quality online education. We have accomplished our mission of making professional education globally accessible through innovative and technologically advanced learning system. Brookdell remains the world’s most preferred online university amongst students, working professionals and topmost employers globally.

Since, we believe in empowering students with quality education at Brookdell University to embark on their future journey successfully, our goal is to help them finance their education through several financial aid opportunities and fee-reduction methods. Grants, scholarships and other financial aid options help more than 65% of our graduates and another 79% of our undergraduates on yearly basis.



Brookdell University allows students to pay their tuition fee as per their convenience. Just by applying online at the university, students can reduce their academic and materialize their online education plans.

At Brookdell University, it is our responsibility to design our academic programs, online education management system and in fact, the overall learning experience of students in a manner their academic growth is not compromised. Pick the financial aid option that suits your preferences at the university.



Students can save up to 50% on their total program fee by availing educational grants and scholarships offered by Brookdell University. These scholarships are offered on first come first served basis as they come from limited pool funds.

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Educational grants


We offer students to save up to 50% on their tuition fee through educational grants, recognizing pressures of the current economic conditions. Two of the most chosen educational grants at Brookdell University are ‘Military Personnel Scholarships’ and ‘Academic Achievement Scholarships’, designed exclusively for military personnel, their families and students with prior academic achievement and excellence records, respectively.

Credit transfer


Brookdell University allows students to transfer credit of their previous successfully completed courses. They can enjoy course waiver at Brookdell, if they have successfully completed a course before. Earning credits will not only help them expedite their new online program as they get an opportunity
to skip a particular course, but will also help them to save 100% fee for that course.

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Pay as you please


Brookdell University has adopted a new approach called ‘Pay As You Please’, giving online students two options to finance their online education at Brookdell University.

Pay Upfront

Through pay upfront, students can now choose to pay their total program fee upfront. This will help them gain at least 14.5% discount on their total program fee, which can also be further reduced using other financial aid options.

Pay In Installments

Through the pay in installments options, students can also pay their total program fee in 2 easy and simple installments. This will benefit students with a 7% discount on their total program fee, which can also be further reduced using other financial aid options.

To learn more about Brookdell University’s fee payment options, talk to our online student advisors on 1-866-431-1637