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Welcome to the Brookdell University Alumni Association. A place, where our association with some of the most talented and involved current and former graduates continues with the university custom of promoting quality online learning through shared understanding, learning and experience.

As a Brookdell alumnus, students can have access to a number of online resources and facilities. In fact, the university constantly encourages to students to be in close association with Brookdell through its varying social media channels.


Have you just recently earned a promotion? Share your stories with us and become and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of online students who will be following your steps in the near future. E-mail us with your stories and we will share it with the rest of our students.


At Brookdell University, we want to hear from you. Get yourself involved with the happenings at the university and help us improve our services. Send us e-mails with your valuable comments and suggestions on how to make online learning at the university more enjoyable for our students.
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Alumni Benefits

As a proud Brookdell University graduate, international students become eligible for an extensive benefit program that includes exclusive services, discounts, career support and news.


At Brookdell, Alumni grants are available for students who are willing to continue their education with the university. They must be a member of the alumni association to be eligible for the scholarship grants.

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Volunteer options

We want your support. Find out how international online students of Brookdell University alumni association help the university through volunteer options such as students’ mentoring program, blogging etc.

Employtment guide

Brookdell University has a unique employment guide program that supports graduates for lifetime. No matter from which part of the world you belong, we will help you connect with top employers in the world and get right jobs.