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Faculty community at Brookdell University comprises of vibrant and dynamic experts who are committed to deliver quality education to students all over the world. Faculty members at Brookdell University are highly valued for their passion, dedication and commitment to high quality education. Exceptionally experienced and learned faculty members teach online students at Brookdell University. Together with students, these faculty members share their learning experiences, practices and knowledge with students and instill confidence into their personalities, enhancing their development as skilled professionals.

More than 93% of the award-winning online teaching faculty members at Brookdell University faculty members are Ph.D. degree-holders. Moreover, the 12:1 student-faculty ratio at every online school enables students to interact with their online instructors on one-on-one basis, with a constant moral support throughout their academic careers. International scholars, efficient researchers and academic experts make the online faculty of Brookdell University. It is Brookdell University’s responsibility to select the right online faculty member for its students. This is the reason why we make sure to pick individuals who can be a true representative of the university in terms of their qualification and mannerism. Brookdell University’s faculty members actually know how to engage international online students in the best of their interest.

join the family

We invite you to be a part of Brookdell’s online faculty and experience the online teaching possibilities at the university as an academic leader. Some of the world’s talented and skilled academics are part of our faculty, recognized at national and international levels for their contribution and performance. As a faculty member, you will be able to connect with students of diverse nationalities and backgrounds at Brookdell University.


At Brookdell University, we have selected only the best of faculty members from across the world for our international online students. They guide our students at the university throughout their education with quality education and in return, we appreciate them with respect, professional support and help them improve their capabilities with online training sessions.



Brookdell University gives faculty members an opportunity to become part of an extraordinary online teaching experience.


By being part of Brookdell’s teaching family, instructors improve their personal and professional directions.


Faculty members take active part in evaluating learning outcomes, teaching mechanisms and enhancing courses.


Brookdell University acknowledges faculty members and value them through awards, grants and fellowships.

Planning to join Brookdell Faculty?

If you are willing to join Brookdell University as a part-time or full-time faculty member, send us your details in an email. If you have any question, call us and talk to our online representatives.

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