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Latin America

Brookdell University enables students from all over the world to receive high quality education to accomplish their academic dream. Online education at Brookdell University is highly affordable. We have partnered with leading employers and educational institutes to offer students financial support in terms of fee reduction through scholarship grants.

Reasons to Choose Brookdell University

  • Scholarship Program You can easily qualify for scholarship program. More than 90% of the students applying for scholarship qualify easily. Read More
  • Student Services Once you have enrolled with us, we will be able to provide you student services round the clock. Read More
  • Credit Transfer You may qualify for a credit transfer at Brookdell University if you have successfully completed, in full or part time study. Read More
  • Alumni Network Every student who graduates from Brookdell University becomes an automatic member of our Alumni Community. Read More
  • Accreditation & memberships All our academic programs offered at Brookdell University are fully accredited by prestigious accreditation bodies and councils. Read More
  • Financial Assistance Brookdell University offers a wide range of flexible payment options and scholarship grants to make your education more affordable Read More