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Brookdell University is already a leading and highly recognized name in the world of online education for producing expert graduates across the world. Brookdell University is also a research based and a business-oriented online academic university with an international standing as a respected academic institution. Here, at Brookdell, we provide an international platform for students to conduct revolutionary and productive research, responsive to various fields for instance, science and technology, health and well-being, finance, arts and cultural and many more.

However, online research activities at Brookdell University revolve around four exclusive areas of expertise, which include:

  • Business and Management
  • Science Advancements
  • Information Technology
  • World Around Health

Research Fields

International online
students at Brookdell University have been making an impact across the world through several fields of study, particularly in business, sciences, technology and health.

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Through our general database, you can easily connect with your online research associates or supervisors.


Research Institutes

Brookdell is a hub of groundbreaking research studies, where our institutes, faculty members, schools and other departments study a huge range of disciplines.

Current Researchers

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“My research supervisor gives me constant feedback on my progress during my research study,”

Betty M. Gibbons,
current researcher
“I am glad that my business research studies at Brookdell University are going really well and smoothly.”

Chris G. Adolf,
current researcher
“Quality education and a lot of room to do research in your areas of interest. What else a student can ask for.”

Michele K. Sam,
current researcher


Research Degrees

Brookdell University knows priorities and interests of international online students. This is the very reason why the university offers several research-based online degrees, so that international students can find right paths for their higher education that suit them.

Research Scholarships

At Brookdell, students are our responsibility and so, we spend a staggering sum of dollars every year for undergraduate and postgraduate research scholarship programs. Check your eligibility and apply for Brookdell University research scholarships today.


Research Students

International students at Brookdell University support their education through advance-level research studies in collaboration with topmost research institutes and researchers, addressing global issues.

Research Impact

Brookdell University is committed to make smooth research foundations for its students and directs annual funds to its research and research training departments for utmost impact.

Research Queries

For general inquiries about Brookdell University's research programs, institutions and researchers, feel free to contact us.



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