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Student Services

Once students enroll successfully at Brookdell University, the university provides them advance student services round-the-clock. Expert teams of student counselors are always ready to assist and guide them whenever there is a requirement. Current students and alumni can both avail these exclusive student career services.

Brookdell University starts assisting students from the day they enroll themselves till they join their professional worlds. Highly effective and efficient student career services enable them to take the most from career counseling sessions for their professional success.

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Connect with Brookdell University and get a chance to improve your resume, interview skills and learn to improve your professional skills during and even after graduation. We take it as a pride that we support our students in a comprehensive manner to guide them along their career path. Here, you will learn new concepts to help you make the best of your professional journey.

Design your life after graduation

If you are looking for a new job or even planning to make a career move, you have to be prepared. The more prepared you are, the more chances you can get for your success. Brookdell’s student career counselors are here to help.
No matter if you are part of our international alumni network or you want to go back to school again, you are always welcome at Brookdell University. Plan to further your online higher education at a platform that is global, accredited, 100% online and most importantly advance in terms of the quality of online education.

Let’s Go back to school

It is still not too late to start learning again. Regardless of the career level you are at, you can always go back to school and continue your higher education. Brookdell University’s student career counselors can actually help in this matter.
Brookdell University is the best place for international online students, faculty members, leading employers from across the world and prominent academic personalities and institutions to come and communicate as a global networking platform. Together, they create a productive learning system in unison.

Have a career question?

Explore, learn and share with Brookdell University. Wherever you are and whatever your preferences are, you will get all the support regarding your career progression at the university. Feel free to get in touch with Brookdell University.
For great careers, it is important for students to study the challenging job market today. So, connect with topmost employers and industries of the world through Brookdell University. As part of the career services, students explore latest jobs; get tips from employers, network with recruiters and get suggestions from industry experts.

Looking for work?

Brookdell University offers the most exclusive online job board for its students and alumni. Here, you will be able to find a huge number of employment opportunities in almost every part of the world. Feel the difference yourself.


It always good to start planning about your career at the earliest, whatever your situation is. At Brookdell University, students plan their careers once student counselors help them identify their strengths, explore and calculate their options and take actions to reach close to their career objectives. However, career planning is a continuous process; it is recommended that students must be informed about their career decisions.


CVs and cover letters are highly valuable as they mark your first impression on a potential employer. CVs must be carefully written and designed to ensure they create a positive impact on employers. Through Brookdell’s CV & Cover Letter writing service, students send draft CVs to a team of expert writers, who carefully redesign them for a powerful impact as per the specifications provided.


With the help of Brookdell University’s career counseling service, hundreds of thousands of international online students find key positions, mostly at managerial positions, in leading companies and firms of the world. Almost all the international students at Brookdell University start their professional careers soon after they graduate, making right decisions through career counseling.


Once you students
complete their academic journey, they need to start search for the right job. Our career ounselors help students connect education and employability, developing a clear path for career advancement. Career counselors also help them via tips to do well during job interviews and provide them opportunities to
build strong professional network.