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Degree Programs

At Brookdell University, students can choose from associate's, bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctorate’s degree programs through 16 professional schools. All online degree programs are fully accredited and have been designed to provide students with industry-responsive skills, competitive edge and advanced knowledge of their chosen fields. Students get real world experience through a dynamic online learning environment with our degree programs.

1- Find a Course

Brookdell University's four degree programs enable students to explore a variety of interests, with a huge number of major subjects to choose from. All these programs offer real-world experience and dynamic learning environment for students.

Students can also avail credit transfer facility for their previously earned qualifications at any accredited academic institution.

Academic programs at Brookdell University are advance and highly affordable. Our fee structure has been designed to ensure students get affordable education worldwide, while financial aid options further pave ways for smooth learning. All these programs are accredited, providing academic credentials for students to become professionals by studying at their own schedules, without compromising on the quality of education.


2- Admission requirements

Brookdell University welcomes online applications to international-level online programs and courses from almost
all parts of the world, across the 6 continents. We also provide scholarships for students with financial issues, so that they can also apply at Brookdell with confidence.

Once students pick an online course, they must follow the university admission procedure carefully, fulfilling all the admission requirements, which identify whether they meet the admission policies of Brookdell University or not.

3- Apply now

When to apply at Brookdell University and start getting benefits from our services is solely your decision. However, it is recommended to book your place at the university at the earliest, as the number of students applying at the university is huge and we deal with students on a first come, first served basis.