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Professional Schools

Brookdell University delivers high quality online education in 16 professional schools, which are designed to help students develop as professionals and experts in their respective careers. Students can select from a list of major courses offered within 16 schools. Online education at Brookdell University is fully accredited and internationally recognized. We provide students with industry responsive skills and knowledge to ensure the develop competence and capability required to stay competitive in the job market.



Brookdell University wants online students to discover the reasons of their presence in a bid to find out what they are actually meant to do with their present and future lives. Once, they find it out, the university pledges to help them and prepare them to live their lives well. We want to students to make wise decisions when choosing one of the exclusive online schools of Brookdell University. Brookdell’s 16 exclusive online schools help students make new connections and get deeper learning of their fields.
Small online classroom size, dedicated online faculty members, student-centered academic
policies and exclusive career services help students in accomplishing their goals at
Brookdell University. We look forward to collaborating with international online
students in all four corners of the world to explore and acquire
their academic and professional milestones.
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