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Computer Science

The School of Computer Science prepares students to work at the cutting edge of hardware, software, computation and its applications in diverse industries. Computer experts work to create innovations related to computer technology. Our students are fully equipped to enter the job market with essential management and leadership skills and technical abilities to perform better than others. At Brookdell University, students gain breadth and depth of knowledge, encompassing broad spectrum of topics related to the field.
  • Telecommunications
  • Multimedia & Animation
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Web Development
  • Network Management
  • Computer Science


Following are the programs offered by the School of Computer Science.

Degree Programs

  • Associate Degree (AS)
  • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BS)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BS)
  • Masters Degree (MS)
  • Doctorate Degree (DCS)
  • Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Diploma Programs

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Computer Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Science

Certificate Programs

  • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Computer Science
  • Graduate Course Certificate in Computer Science
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Computer Science


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