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The School of Education provides students extensive theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure they develop excellence and confidence in teaching, learning and practice. Education is one of the most important fields of study, as it offers students the opportunity to explore all the aspects of current educational thinking and practice, including various key issues, which are central to parents, educationist, employers or policy makers at large. At Brookdell University, students are able to prepare for the 21st century teaching and learning challenges.
  • Early Education
  • Adult Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Administration and Supervision
  • Middle Level Education
  • Special Education
  • Teaching and learning
  • Curriculum and Instruction


Following are the programs offered by the School of Education.

Degree Programs

  • Associate Degree (AED)
  • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BEd)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BEd)
  • Masters Degree (MEd)
  • Doctorate Degree (EdD)
  • Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Diploma Programs

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Education

Certificate Programs

  • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Education
  • Graduate Course Certificate in Education
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Education


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